Sleepless Nights

There are some nights

when I hardly sleep.


I silently weep.

I’m a lone warrior

at these times.

To survive,

I make silly rhymes.

Wasn’t my fault,

these angry tears.


that of my creators.

With pointless disputes,

my heart they seize.


now they sleep in peace.

These are nights

when I silently pray,


please take me away”.



WHEN I have a voice,

but no one to hear me out.

I try to make a choice

and everyone casts doubt.

WHEN I try to love,

but the love is pushed aside.

And these masters to whom I bow

set forth rules by which I abide.

WHEN I try so hard,

but my efforts are discouraged.

My heart is left scarred

and my soul, ravaged.

WHEN I feel dejected and helpless,

as my mind is trapped in a quandary.

My despair seems endless

as I’m a victim of sheer mockery.

WHEN my mind continues to be in pain

and my power to withstand dies.

I wake up from these night terrors again,

with TEARS flowing from my eyes.


Life is a fascinating phenomenon

stretching over a fine expanse of time.

You face joy, sorrow and derision

and like me, may even try to write a rhyme.

At the tender stage of infancy,

you begin your journey of “life”.

You scream and wail in agony

as the world welcomes you to its strife.

In the golden age of childhood,

you love, you laugh, you play.

On this enigmatic world around us, you brood

and “it’s beautiful”, your mind has to say.

As you grow into a fine young teen,

the view of the world exacerbates.

You comprehend the profanities seen

and for the age of adulthood you wait.

Oh, how you thought adulthood would be joyful!

But what does it turn out to be?

Responsibilities, worries and pain – awful!

You exonerate adulthood free.

And after all that you silently die!

What was the point of it all?

And this is where I have to sigh

and tell you “It was your choice young soul”.


HEY THERE, fellow homo sapien!

Honestly, I had a rough time deciding upon my blog name. I wanted it to have something to do with who I am and what my blog is going to be about. But I just didn’t know what to come up with!

A tiny poodle with BIG eyes whispered an idea into my ear. And so, I did it. I translated “Just me” into ninety different languages. 😛

Bare meg in Norwegian and Dim ond fi in Welsh mean “Just me”.

Megfi which is derived from both these words is to symbolise what my blog is going to be like. To be Megfian is to be bold and expressive. It is to be random and crazy. It is to be sad and lonely. It is to be happy and ecstatic. It is to be ME 🙂

My life is like that of many others, full of ups and downs. Sometimes I feel over the moon. Sometimes, things get really hard and I feel down in the dumps. Writing totally takes a part of my frustration out when I’m mad. It eases my pain when I’m sad. And it gives me a lot of satisfaction!

So, this blog is going to be about a lot of MEGFIAN stuff! Hang in there. 😉